Buying a home with a septic tank, need a septic inspection? 

Give us a call for a honest, thorough and reliable inspection

The average life expectancy of a septic system is approximately 25 years, depending on its usage and maintenance. However, we have found leaking tanks on a one year-old system and drainfield lines infested with roots in 10 year-old systems. Then there are systems that are 40 years old that are still functioning, not like a brand new system of course, but still in working order.
The point is, you never know and it’s risky to skip a septic inspection or only order a visual inspection. Although a full inspection with pumping may cost several hundred dollars more, it could be the difference in spending many thousands of dollars once you’re stuck with a system after closing.​

We evaluate the following items during septic Inspections:

Ground Level Inspection: We look for sinkholes, ponding of water on or around drainfield, and anything that could compromise the integrity of the system.
Pumped Out Tank Inspection: We look for deterioration, holes, cracks, etc.
Load Tested Drainfield Inspection: We insert a hose in the outlet pipe of the tank to ensure the drainfield can hold water for 30 minutes as it should. We do not recommend performing/scheduling if there has been inclement weather. This could cause a false failure report. The system should also be used sparingly the day before.
Filter Inspection: If applicable. We pull the filter, spray off with hose, and check the filter housing to ensure filter is intact and installed properly.
Pump System Inspection: If applicable. Check the control panel, alarm system, pull the pumps, floats and inspect /clean if needed.
Measure System: We will ensure the system is sized properly for the residence and is up to code.
Surrounding Measurements: We will determine all setbacks are met and are up to code.
Provide Report: This will take 24 hours to receive.
Provide Pictures: These will be kept in the file if needed.